Our trip to Mt. Holiday

So back in January we all met up north at my mom’s cabin to celebrate Christmas (a little late because my brother and his husband went to Thailand over the break-I’m still so jealous of their jet-setting lifestyle). I have been wanting to do this post for sometime now…but I was waiting on the pictures from my brother since I forgot to take some lol! Oh well better late than never, right?

It was a cold weekend with a lot of hiking around my mom’s cottage. We also took time to play games, eat snacks, and celebrate Christmas by the fireplace. We wanted to do one big outing day so we decided to go snow tubing. There are a lot of great place to check out in northern Michigan (Boyne Mountain, Shanty Creek Resorts, Treetops, Timberlee, and more). We decided on Mt. Holiday because of how close it was to Traverse City. It is only a 15 min drive at most from downtown Traverse City (huge perk if you’re staying in the Traverse City Area). We didn’t know what to expect, but what an awesome gem to have found! Not only do they offer tubing, but they also have skiing hills, ski/hiking trails, and zip lining in the summer!

The rates for tubing are as cheap as $11 on the weekdays and $13 on the weekends for one hour! If you book with a group it will drop the rate down to as low as $9. You can even book a time to go online to skip the line! The tubing hills were so fun and huge. You got to ride up a lift in you tube to the top of the hill and there were three runs to choose from (the difference in the runs were how steep of a start they had–making them faster).

An hour of tubing was plenty of time for us on this particular Saturday (the weather was very cold) but Mt. Holiday had a really nice fire pit set up next to the hill where you could run to warm up in between rides down the hill. The guys running the hills were so fun. They let us race each other, go down in a large group, and even tossed us down the hill spinning in circles. We all had a such a fun time and laughed so much.


We already had dinner plans for after our adventure, but Mt. Holiday also has a great restaurant, The T-Bar Lounge, to stop for in for lunch, dinner, or for a drink to warm up during or after skiing. The have great bar food to offer including burgers, wings, sandwiches, entrees, and salads.

The next time you are up in Traverse City, make time to stop into Mt. Holiday for some outdoor recreational fun!


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