5 Things My Dog Has Taught Me

  1. Love everyone unconditionally- Everyone needs and deserves love. My dog loves me without expecting anything from me. And she doesn’t set rules on how I should be behaving when she shows me love or the brings up last time I showed her love (which would be funny to hear if dogs could talk). It doesn’t matter how I am being that day (my husband can vouch that sometimes I’m not all that lovey). She always is happy to see me and cuddle with me. Which is how we should be to other people. Everyone is struggling in their lives. But showing love by sharing a laugh with them, being a shoulder to cry on, or a hug to take their pain away can make a world of difference in their lives.
  2. Take time for a nap- My dog loves napping and I am jealous of her ability to take one anywhere, anytime. To my dog, a taking a nap is taking care of herself. She is getting rest and feels better later in the day. To translate this to my life. Make time for myself. Do self care, and don’t feel bad about it. For your health and wellness taking time to relax and take care of yourself will do wonders for you. img_3082.jpeg
  3. Be a little extra- Ok so my dog can be a little bit extra….about everything lol. But one thing she loves is dressing up with her little bandanas or a new collar. When we put a new bandana or collar on her she does her happy dance and prances around the house showing it off. I feel like we all need to be a little more extra. Go over the top some days. Show off your best you. Do your hair and makeup, put on your favorite outfit and some music and work it. You are a beautiful, confident, amazing person and you should show it. img_1996
  4. Do your happy dance-My dog takes nothing for granted. Food, toys, treats, meeting new people. She expresses her happiness and excitement by doing what we call the happy dance. She hops up and down on her front two paws and her face looks like she is smiling. She is happy about the littlest things….things that we all too often take for granted. How often do we take our loved ones or friends for granted….like when they call or text we chose to skip the message or complain that they are bothering you because you have no time. How often do we try to find the positive in work when we are working long hours, relationships that take time and effort, or waiting in a long line for a cup of coffee? We can find something that bothers us in every aspect of our lives. What we really should be doing is finding our happy dance. Be happy someone took time to call or text you. Be happy for your relationships, your job, and the opportunity to drive somewhere and get a coffee. You will feel better when you find the positive in everything instead of focusing on the negatives.
  5. Treat everyday like a gift-Every morning when I pull back the door to our laundry room to let our furball out, the first thing she does is snorts excitedly and leaps (or flops) out of her bed. She is so excited to start her day she runs out the slider door and prances around the yard. To my dog everyday is exciting and new. It’s a gift that she does not waste. Sometimes I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning. I lay there thinking about what is happening that day and just dread the moment my feet touch the floor. Why can’t I be more like my dog? Her day doesn’t always go the best or the way she might want it, but she hits the reset button every night and is ecstatic to start her next day. I should wake up grateful for the life I’ve been given and excited for all the opportunities that each day will bring. It is all about your attitude and perspective on life. You can start each day with the thought “I have to” or you can choose to start each day with “I get to”. which perspective do you think will make your day better?


If you start living your life the way your dog does….you may find more happiness and a better outlook on life.

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