Spring 2019 Interior Decorating Trends

I absolutely love spring! After months of cold and dreary weather it is so exciting to see sunshine and green popping up everywhere. I don’t know what it is but as soon as March rolls around I all of a sudden feel inspired to brighten and freshen up my home. The trends for 2019 are amazing for interior decorating and I can’t wait to apply some of them to my home. Here are some of the new trends for Spring interior decorating. 

  1. Natural wood detailsNatural wood creates a cozy and inviting feel. Incorporate natural wood shelving, coffee tables, cabinets, and more to create an inviting space.
  2. MinimalismOk, so you don’t have to go total minimalist (if you’re like me you have a lot of things that you find super sentimental) but try to keep counters, tables, and living spaces clean. Doing this will create a more open and clean look. Organization will be key to making this work . Influencers like Mari Kondo can offer great advice on how to organize the space you have and to make it functional. I always also look to Pinterest for tips to help me declutter. This is one of my favorite checklists.
  3. Geometric patternsI love geometric patterns. Geometric patterns create a fun look that give character to any room. If you are feeling bold, do a geometric pattern wall with wallpaper or stencils. For a more subtle touch try pillows, blankets, or planters that have a geometric pattern.
  4. Beige and brown– I am a sucker for the gray trend, but I will admit I’m excited that beige and brown are making a comeback. I am a total neutral palette fan, and beiges and brown create a clean and warm look to a room. Try opting for a beige paint color, furniture, linens, or room accents.
  5. Metallic touchesI am really excited about this one. 2019 will bring metallic touches in bronze, copper, and brass. It is the perfect way to give a room character and, you can totally mix your metals to give your space dimension. Drawer pulls, lamps, kitchenware, and metallic legs of furniture are a great way to add metals to you space.
  6. Tribal pattern Tribal pattern is back and this year you will see it in decorative home features like textiles, tile, and art. When incorporating tribal patterns into your home think of using bold graphic blacks, white and gray, and vibrant colors like blues, reds, and greens. 

  7. Living herbs- A living herb garden in your kitchen is a great way to keep Summer in your home all year long. Plus, you will always have fresh herbs within your reach! Just make sure your herbs have plenty of sunlight when picking a place to put your garden. 

    8. Hygge- Hygge is the Danish/Norwegian word used to describe enjoying life’s simple pleasures. A hygge home incorporates decor that is peaceful and serene with minimal to no clutter. The hygge belief is that mess creates stress. Hygge should create a safe and happy place for friends and family that promotes a carefree and relaxing environment. One way to achieve hygge is to use a neutral color palate. Another way is to use comfy home decor like fluffy pillows and soft comforters. The use of candles to decorate also creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere. There are plenty of ways to make your home more hygee. Check out this blog on the 7 tips of hygge to make your home more peaceful. 

    9. Apricot and Peach- This color palette for spring is just so perfect. I love the warmth and brightness this palette brings to a room. If you’re feeling bold, try painting a room or for a more subtle touch look for peachy furniture, artwork, and home decor. Any orange shade from coral pink to peachy pastels to dark rust will be making its appearance this year. 

    10. Sage green and rose-beige pastelsSage green and rose-beige pastels are part of my favorite color palette ever (it was part of the palette I use for our wedding day).  So the fact that this is the new trend for the home has me so so soooooo excited! To me there is just something so romantic about pastel sage green and rose-beige. Pastel, rose colored furniture and home accents bring a warm, spring/summery feeling to a room and pastel sage green brings in earthy tones. I can not wait to try this trend. 

    11. Marble surfaces- There is something so clean and elegant about marble. Something about it is so luxurious that it can elevate a room and give it character. Add a bold statement piece like marble countertops or flooring. For a more subtle touch cheeseboards, jewelry boxes, and other decor make excellent statement pieces. 

    12. Curves- Say goodbye to straight lines and angular pieces. You will see more curved furniture pieces this year and I am totally in love with it. The curve trend will bring a softer feel to your home. To bring it to life in your home look for curved sofas, loveseats, armchairs, and even round mirrors and frames. 

    13. Black or dark charcoal walls- This is a bold trend. This will create contrast in your room. If you are brave enough to try this trend make sure there is enough light in the room to prevent it from being too dark. Also, look to add bright decor, furniture, and flooring to the room to keep it feeling lively. If you aren’t ready to go all in, try painting an accent wall black or dark charcoal.

14. Eucalyptus wreathes- Another way to bring more green into your home is with a wreath. Eucalyptus leaves are so earthy and pretty, plus they smell amazing and create a relaxing and inviting environment. If you want a wreath that you can enjoy year round, look to add a faux wreath. It make not have the smell, but if you add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the wreath it will feel like the real thing. 

Those are some of the home trends coming your way this 2019! 


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