About Kaitlin

Hi! My name is Kaitlin Weaver and welcome to my blog, Weaving my Best Life. I live in west Michigan with my amazing husband, Kirt, and our black lab Roxy. We recently moved from the way out in the country in Borculo to the suburbs of Jenison, and we are absolutely in love with our new location. I met my husband in 2013 the summer after I graduated from GVSU with a degree in Allied Health Sciences. At the time I was living downtown Holland and had started going to a crossfit gym. After a couple months of working out there I noticed that there was this guy who kept trying to get my attention by saying silly things to me…which at the time I found annoying but the more I saw him and the more he tried to get my attention I thought to myself….what the heck…lets give it a try. We connected on Facebook and talked for hours and hours on end. We didn’t get to go on our first date until almost 3 weeks after we started talking because he was in the Army National Guard and had to leave for his annual training. We talked on the phone and texted non-stop for three weeks…..and I had never felt so close and comfortable with anyone in my life. When we did go on that first date three weeks after talking…it seemed like we had known each other forever. So when he asked me to move into the fixer upper house with him two weeks after that date…..of course I said yes! And that was the start of all of our adventures in fixer upper housing, traveling the country with his job, me going back to school for another degree, and so many more things that would take too long to list.

I work during the day, three days a week, as a Surgical Technologist at a surgery center. To sum up “what is a surgical tech?”, I am the person in the operating room who sets up all the cases and scrubs in and assists the surgeon during surgery. I love my job and I love surgery. It is such an awesome feeling to be a part of helping someone get better. My focus in surgery is on ophthalmology (like cataracts and glaucoma), facial and ocular plastics, and retina. So many of our patients are dealing with complications in sight and body image issues or trauma of their face or eyes.

When I’m not in surgery, I am working on my side business, KME Designs, with my mom, Mary. My mom and I have a passion for shopping, lifestyle trends, local and Michigan items, and handcrafted products. We wanted to create a place that we could share our style and lifestyle tips with others…and thus KME Designs was created.  At the moment we are an online boutique with a few pop-up shops here and there…and as we grow we hope to expand our little business.

Aside from working I have quite a few passions, running being my biggest passion. I was never a runner until my senior year of college in 2013. I picked up running a mile…then two….then 3…and it kind of grew from there. In the last 5 years I have run over 50 races…..and amazingly to me….actually placed in quite a few of them. I even ran a marathon….(probably my only marathon and any runner who has run them can preach how difficult it is to run one). I never would have thought I could do that when I was younger. It taught me a lot about myself and gave me the confidence to push to do better in a many of aspects of my life. If you can run 26.2 miles nonstop in 4 hours…..what is there that you can’t do?

I look forward to sharing my journey and experiences here. This blog will serve as a place to share moments in my life, high and low, so others may find joy or company in relating to my stories (because no matter how perfect a bloggers life may look……no one is perfect and I’ll admit to that. Not perfect….but trying to live my best life everyday). I’ll also share with you all my passion for travel, home decor, fashion, everything Michigan, and so so much more.

So buckle up and get ready. Life is so beautiful and there is adventure out there….and I can’t wait to share all of it with you.

xoxo Kaitlin