Giving Back-Kids’ Food Basket

Today was such an awesome and fun day. My mom and I have been looking for a way to get more involved in our community. It is something that I feel like we say every year, and have the best intentions of looking at groups needing help, but seem to get busy and the volunteer opportunities seem to take the back burner to life. So when this opportunity fell into our laps, we jumped at it and signed right up. Kids’ Food Basket is a community solution to fight childhood hunger in West Michigan. When we told my Grandpa what we were doing he jumped at the opportunity as well and joined us! (It was three generations of my family helping today which was such a cool feeling) The goals of KFB is to lower the numbers of affected children, provide nutrition to fuel healthy development, break the cycle of poverty, and build a stronger community. Click here to read more about KFB mission and values!

Currently KFB is serving 8,000 children at 47 different locations throughout three counties in West Michigan, and they are continuously growing. With the help of local involvement, KFB puts together a free, well-balanced evening meal for kids to take home after school or their summer program so they are able to perform their best. These sack suppers contain one serving of fruit, vegetable, protein, and a healthy snack.


Today we went to the afternoon sack supper assembly. A crew in the morning prepped all the fresh food and sorted it into small bags then place them in a crate. They also gathered all packaged food into milk carton crates. When the volunteers for the afternoon arrive we created an assembly line down the table having people open bags, put food in the bags, and roll them up and put them in the right container to go to the correct school. In 50 minutes we packed 960 lunches for kids in the Holland area. And that is a number they have to achieve EVERYDAY. And that number continues to grow as they take on more schools. It takes volunteers to help make this happen.

There are so many ways to get involved with KFB. They have so many options for involvement from helping to put together the sack suppers, making cards, decorating bags, or making a donation. Click here to see all of the ways you can get involved with KFB! There are even opportunities to bring your young ones involved or set up a day for team building with your work, youth group, etc! Any type of involvement helps and I look forward to going again next week 🙂

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