Favorite paint colors for 2019

Hey guys! So we are in the middle of painting our house and redoing some rooms and I wanted to share with you all some of the paint colors I picked. As winter disappears we always get the itch to spruce up the house, and I find changing paint colors to be an easy way to update your home. All it takes is an afternoon, some paint,  rollers and brushes, and a positive attitude to paint one room. Plus it gives you time to talk to your spouse while you work in the same space and enjoy listening to your favorite tunes together.

Side note– take it one room at a time. If you start multiple rooms at once you will feel like you are living in a disaster zone and it will make the project seem extremely daunting. Finish one project before you move onto the next one. That is the motto I like to live by. But if your spouse is like my husband, they believe in bless this mess…….and you end up chasing after them cleaning up as they tries to start 4 projects at once hahaha.

Pro tip– Don’t cheap out on paint. Yes it does cost a little bit more then you might want to pay for paint, but you are trading off for not having to do tons of coats to cover the wall and you can bet on the durability of the paint you picked. We decided to use Behr Marquee stain-blocking interior paint and primer. Having the paint and primer mixed in one makes a huge difference when you are painting. They promise one coat coverage, but I believe in doing white primer first to get the neutral background and in doing two coats of the paint. If you have a dark color on your wall it could change the way the color you picked out looks. It is a little extra effort to prime your room first but it is worth it. Doing two coats of the paint is important too because I don’t know anybody that gets a perfect first coat with no white spots from the roller.

Graceful Gray Satin-Behr 

16d58585539310eab3bf2bc817492f78We painted the upstairs bedrooms graceful gray. It is such a relaxing color, and I feel it is so important to create an environment that is calming especially in a bedroom. It is where you go to unwind and sleep. Bright colors can spark energy and make you feel more awake which can affect your sleep cycles. If you want some color in your room look to add pops of color will pillows, rugs, and duvet covers. image3

Natural Gray Satin-Behr 

natural-gray-behr-premium-plus-ultra-paint-colors-ul20016-64_1000 We painted the upstairs bathroom Natural Gray. The bathroom was originally yellow and orange…..so to me this was an upgrade. I didn’t want it to be the exact color of the bedrooms, but wanted it to be a close match. It is a little darker of a gray and has a more lavender undertone to it where as the Graceful Gray has a little beige to it. We will be changing the color of the trim and cabinets….but I can’t decided between staining them a dark espresso color or painting it all white. Once we finish that project I will post an updated picture. Also forgive me for the lack of mirror in this picture. We are still trying to decide on a new light fixture and mirror. I will get it together soon!


Cotton Gray Satin-Behr

cotton-grey-behr-premium-plus-ultra-paint-colors-ul20016-64_1000 I am soooooo in love with this color! I would paint the whole house this color, but my husband is not a huge fan of “too much white”. It is such a pretty and light gray. We have a half bath on our main floor that was originally painted dark green with light green trim. It made the room feel so small. Just changing the paint made that room feel twice the size and so much brighter. I am hoping to paint our master bath and bedroom this color…….but we will see what my husband has to say. haha


Blueprint Satin-Behr

6e80e6a2f62c8b8c6e7ea65826608ad4Okay this color was way outside of my comfort zone…..but I fell in love with it when browsing the 2019 Behr colors of the year and I was determined to find a place to use it. We have a laundry room on the main floor that was sponge painted gold and I wanted to update that room to match my style. We are mid project in there at the moment. The plan is to do a white shiplap wall with floating wood shelves and white built in cabinets. We will add a butchers block counter over the washer and dryer and drop in a farmhouse sink to replace the free standing sink in there. It is the biggest project we have started so far and I can’t wait to see the result. This is only one coat of the paint and please excuse our exposed panel, we had to take the door off to paint it because the original owners painted it the same color as the wall.

image1There you have it! My favorite paint picks so far for 2019. Stay tuned for updates on the unfinished rooms!


3 thoughts on “Favorite paint colors for 2019

    1. Thank you! I know gray can be so frustrating sometimes. You really have to take home the samples and see how they look when they dry. At our other house I fell in love with a gray for our bedroom and once we finished painting I couldn’t believe how the paint turned out. The color had a lavender undertone, which of course did not show up in the sample at the store, and once we painted the whole room it really stood out. Never made that mistake again.


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