Tidying Up My Life-My Take at The Konmari Method

Happy New Year! The holidays are over and the resolutions have begun. I honestly enjoy this time of the year almost as much as the holidays themselves because it is a time for reflection, appreciation, and change. Everyone goes into the new year with the hopes of finally having this be the year they lose the weight or going totally minimalistic (both of which take a lot of time and effort if you want to achieve it). I like setting resolutions and I often try to make sure my resolutions are attainable. None of that whole lifestyle changing stuff because it is such a let down when your goal is way too hard to achieve. Because let’s be honest………I don’t have all the time in the world to get the Kim K booty or create the perfect home like Martha or any of those lifestyle influencers and then maintain the results. But, I can set goals to get me to a better me. I’m sure almost all of you have seen or heard of the Netflix show “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”. I stumbled upon this on New Years Day……and I was obsessed. We recently moved and I have been struggling with the moving process because I just feel overwhelmed by the stuff we brought with us. Our once sparkling clean and empty house is now chocked full of the stuff from the old house, and two months of trying to make the stuff from the old house work is driving me crazy.

To break it down the KonMari method basically makes you clean all aspects of your home by keeping the things that spark joy to you or is necessary to your life. The items must also be functioning and have a place to go in your home.  If not, then you will get rid of it by donating it or throwing it away. This is kind of hard to swallow because we tie so much sentimental value to things so just getting rid of it is hard and we want to sell it for what we think the value of it should be. Be selective with the items you are wanting to sell because it will slow you down in your process of tidying up and you will have another pile of stuff somewhere else.  So before you begin you will mentally picture how you want your house to look and you will then set time to achieve your goal (don’t start one project and walk away, it will be really hard to come back and finish it). You will then go through things by category, not room. The categories are in this order: clothing, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous), and sentimental (this is the category we will all struggle with). As you go through the categories, you will physically pick up or touch the items and if you don’t feel sparked with joy or good feelings about the item….it is time to let it go. Lastly, do not try to organize someone else’s stuff. So if everyone in the family isn’t on board with this or is working at their own pace, do not try to help them. This is a process you have to experience yourself because what you may not find joy in, they may find joy in it.

I decided to take this challenge on and started with the clothing category. I struggle with our closet because even though the new house we moved into has a large master bedroom closet….I feel like I can never find a thing to wear or find a certain article of clothing I was looking for. I am also an impulse shopper and I try to shop the trends…..and it’s usually the clothes I bought to be on trend that drive me crazy because I never have the other part of the outfit in my closet so it never looks right. The first thing I tackled was finding the things that spark joy. I put all of my clothes on our bed and then started going through each article. If I love it then it went in one pile if I didn’t it went in another. Every time I picked something up I would consider does this make me feel happy? Do I like how I look in this? If the answer was no it was out of here. I did this with shoes and bags too. DO NOT include jewelry in this category. That is a whole other group because we tend to tie a lot of sentimental value to our jewelry, so it needs its own time devoted to it. Once I had my pile of clothes I loved, I started by hanging the things up that needed to be hung up. I organized my hanging items by color. So shirts, blouses, dresses, pants etc. were organized in color (pants, skirts, and dresses I hung separately from the shirts and blouses but I kept them in order by color as well). This will help you when you’re putting outfits together because you can now see your options. The next step in the KonMari method is the folding of the clothes. I used Pinterest for my reference on how to properly fold clothes the KonMari way so they take up less space but you can still find everything easily. This page was a great source for how to fold different types of clothing. After I had folded everything, I actually went out and bought totes to place my clothing in on their shelves so they would stay organized and it would help me easily find everything. Bags I placed in a basket and stored it on the top shelf of our closet and I organized shoes again by color on their respective shelves. This was my final product:


Side note-my husband did not want to take this challenge on with me so when I do laundry I do separate baskets so his clothes are folded the way he wants and mine are folded the KonMari way. So far it has been amazing! I can find everything and putting together an outfit is a breeze. I haven’t had one meltdown on our closet floor, and my husband is thankful for it. Have any of you thought of trying this method or have tried this method yourself and want to share your results? I would love to hear it! Please leave me a comment and I will do my best to give any helpful advice I can! 🙂

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