Our Review of Brandless

My mom (Mary) has been wanting to write a blog for a little while so she put together a review of her Brandless subscription. Lucky for me when a she wants to try something new because it usually means I get to help her try it too 🙂

s082470282We heard about Brandless and thought we should give it a try. Brandless is an online grocery, beauty, and household item website. The thing that pulls you in is how inexpensive everything is compared to the same items at your local grocery store. They keep the prices down by not having branding costs built into their products. The products are high quality and they meet the gold standard for whatever category they fall under (grocery, beauty, household). They have extremely fair prices and donate one meal to Feeding America everytime you check out. So not only are you getting a great deal, but you are helping the Feeding America challenge of feeding at least 46 million people. 

Every item costs just $3.00…..yes just $3.00! The size of the items are comparable to the size of the same products you buy at your grocery store. These are not sample sizes at all! On top of that they all come in brightly colored, minimalistic packaging that helps effortlessly organize your pantry. I ordered almond butter that was larger then most of the store sizes……and almond butter is not cheap in the store. It tasted great and I just kept kicking myself for every paying the store prices when I just got it for only $3.00. It is also a huge plus for me and my family that they carry organic and gluten free items. 

My daughter and I tried items from every category and we especially liked the sea salt kettles chips, toasted coconut cookie thins, and the scent of all of the cleaning supplies and soaps we ordered. The lavender stone and granite cleaner worked amazingly and smelled wonderful. The kitchen utensils were sturdy and the cotton dish towels and pot holders all held up nicely. 

Overall I give Brandless a thumbs up! I love the products they offer, the price of the items, and the fact that it is delivered right to my door :)! Click here to get $6.00 (or two items) off of your first order of $39.00 or more! I hope you enjoy Brandless as much as I do. 


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