You, Me, and the U.P.

What is it about Northern Michigan (especially the Upper Peninsula) that is so down to earth and romantic? I spent the weekend of the 21st-23rd of September in Marquette celebrating the love and marriage of two of the coolest people I know. My best friend from college, Lynsey, and her fantastic (now) husband, Kyle. The two of them are the epitome of the Upper Peninsula. He’s from Minnesota…she’s from lower Michigan. It was seriously a match made in heaven the way the compliment each other, and the setting of their wedding in Marquette Michigan made so much sense because that town… basically a representation of the two of them.

Check out the gorgeous couple and our awesome bridesmaids and groomsman outfits! Also if you have time if you get up here…go to the Black Rocks! The view is to die for.

We were so busy with the wedding festivities, that we didn’t get too much time to explore the city (so now we obviously have to go back). But I wanted to share with you guys two places we stopped at that are a must to check out if you are ever up in the area.

Lynsey and Kyle are a super fun, laid back couple. So the place they chose for their rehearsal dinner was perfect for the two of them. The rehearsal dinner was held at the Ore Dock Brewing Company. This is such a cool space!


There are two levels inside of the Ore Dock brewery. The upstairs and main floor consist of an open floor plan, exposed brick walls, wood beams,  industrial lighting, local art hanging from the walls, and chalkboards covered in colorful chalk highlighting the local beers on tap. This was such a fun hangout place for a large group. We had the rehearsal dinner upstairs which is divided into two spaces. We were on the side that had room to play cornhole and it also had several sitting areas with plush couches and chairs and board games. On the other side of the upstairs area was a really cool stage set up where local musicians will set up to perform.  I can’t really drink beer because I am gluten intolerant….but they did have a good reduced gluten beer, “Good Grist”. So my husband was the beer sampler for the two of us. He sampled the “Dream Weaver” Belgian Amber, “I Do PA Session” Pale Ale, and the “Reclamation American” IPA. He really liked all of the beers he sampled that Ore Dock had on tap with the “I Do” being one of his favorites.

After the wedding we decided to stop and have breakfast on Sunday with my family before we all got in the car for the 7 hour drive back to Grand Rapids and Jenison. My sister had been to Marquette before and recommended that we eat at Donckers.


When we first got there we were so confused! We walked into a really cool candy store and soda shop. The owner was placing all the fresh made candies out for the day. I didn’t think my sister was into candy for breakfast so I just stared at her confused. The owner noticed our confusion and asked if we were there for breakfast. We said yes and he pointed us in the direction of a staircase on the right of the store. We went up the stairs and found a very homey and cozy restaurant that served a lot of hearty breakfast favorites. I went with the Momma’s Good Start which was eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and your choice of a side of toast or pancakes. Kirt went with the Copper Harbor omelette (ham, cheddar, and bell peppers). The portions were huge and the bottomless coffee was fantastic. We were enjoying ourselves so much there was a moment we forgot we still had 7 hours to drive home. We wish the store would have been open downstairs because we would have bought some of their homemade candies for the ride home. I had an oh crap moment after we left when I realized I was enjoying my breakfast and the location so much that I forgot to take any photos! Which means you will have to go and experience this gem in Marquette for yourself 🙂

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