Quick Morning Routine

Hello everyone! Where has the summer sunemogiTrans gone!? I am so sorry I haven’t put out a blog in a little while. This summer got crazy booked up when both my mom and I bought new houses. Kirt and I sold our house in Zeeland and moved to Jenison and my mom bought a cottage in Traverse City. Nobody tells you how much of your life gets put on hold when you sell your house. There was so much boxing of stuff and moving furniture…and that was just for staging of the sale! After the sale you spend every night packing your stuff down to the essentials and then waiting in agony until your new house is ready to move in. Post move you have the first night in the new house high…. which is immediately crushed when you wake up the next morning to boxes everywhere…. and you have to spend two weeks moving stuff from the old house to the new house in multiple car trips. I’m still trying to find dishes, clothes, and stuff for our little business that are in one of the many boxes we moved. We are now in the new home, totally moved in and are so happy with our change.

On top of moving out of our old house and into the new one we found our summer slipping away into weddings, friend nights, work days, celebrating summer holidays, birthdays, and traveling all of over Michigan and the US. But that is what summer is all about right? Summer is for making memories, spending time with family and friends in the beautiful state of Michigan (we love our state so much we even have it on a card!). We are looking forward to fall as the nights get cooler and the sound of the marching band carries from Jenison football footballEmoji field to our backyard (we moved into an area with the football field right in our backyard! It is so cool to have a front row seat to all of the home games! Look for a future blog of a home game night; we may be throwing a small tailgate get together).

The only downside to fall nights…..is being so comfortable that getting up in the morning for work seems impossible. I always found I was losing so much time doing my hair and makeup before work. So I came up with my go to morning routine to keep my look somewhat polished even when I don’t want to put the effort in.

I try to wash my hair the night before work or go a couple days in between washes and use dry shampoo. Not washing your hair everyday actually is very good for your hair (and it makes styling your hair easier the next day). A few benefits include shinier hair that isn’t dry and longer lasting color between coloring treatments. Shampoo actually strips your hair of the natural oils that are produced by your scalp. Taking time between washes allows your body to produce natural oils, which will moisturize your hair from root to tip (get to know how long you can go between washes because those oils will eventually make your hair look greasy). If I wash my hair the night before I will dry and style it (straighten it or curl it). One of my favorite quick hairstyles is a messy ponytail. I comb out my hair in the morning and apply dry shampoo. Since my hair is naturally wavy, I just let it kind of do its thing. If you have straight hair you can put wave in it with a curling iron after you pull it back into the ponytail. I will use a bobby pin to loosen my ponytail and create volume. To finish the ponytail I will pull my bangs out. Apply hairspray to control any flyaways.KaitlinOrig7x14

I have a routine for my makeup that is pretty much the same everyday and I try to keep it simple (so I can at least look put together even if I hit the snooze button 5 times Smile Icons 02 Converted 01 128).


I start by applying my Neutrogena Hydro Boost Tinted Moisturizer. It is so hydrating and makes my face look full and fresh. I will use a makeup sponge to blend the foundation around my face.


I will next use my Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Powder. I know some people use this as a foundation but I like to use it as a powder over my liquid foundation to fill in any possible spots that I missed when applying the liquid foundation. Plus it gives your face a finished look.


One of my favorite makeup products is Mally’s Highlighter, Bronzer, and Blush Kit (as seen in the picture featuring all the products). I love using the bronzer to give my face a glow. I will use an angled brush to contour my cheeks and then apply a little to my nose and above my eyes. I will use the highlighter along the tops of my cheeks and also above my eyebrows. The blush ads a nice finish giving my cheeks a rosy look.


I cannot go out into public without filling in my brows. It is the curse of having blonde hair…no eyebrows. My favorite eyebrow pencil is theUniversal Brow Power by IT Cosmetics. It is super easy to apply and the brush end helps you blend in the pencil with your brows easily.


My absolute favorite makeup product is my Bare Sensuals Eye Shadow by Bare Minerals. It is a little pricey but the colors are just dreamy! I love a natural eye shadow and these give just the right pop. My go to in a rush is lure or fortune. Having a kit like this is so great for when you are prepping for date night or have more time to get ready for the day. There are so many ways you can combine the colors for a beautiful rose inspired eye look.


Lastly, I will finish accentuating my eyes (its my favorite feature about myself so I like to try to draw attention there).  I love L’Oreal Voluminous Lash and L’Oreal Matte-Matic in dark brown. I have blue eyes so for a great day look that will soften my eyes I stick to brown colored pencils and mascara. For a more dramatic look I will use black. The voluminous lash mascara makes your eyelashes huge! I was so surprised the first time I used it, but now I won’t settle for anything else. I use the pencil along the waterline of my eyes and along the lashline.


And here is the finished product! It typically takes me only 5-8 minutes to do my makeup and hair. Once you settle into your easy makeup and hair routine you will find you have so much more time in the morning and will still look polished for your day. Until next time!


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